“We as individuals have the power to change our lives by taking the first step to restore our physical health.” – Lilla Momtahen

Get creative and have fun with your kids when serving healthy snacks. My daughter Naia created the above snack!

Hello, my name is Lilla Momtahen, mother to my beautiful little girl Naia, a nutritionist, and a yogi. I earned my Masters degree in Counseling from Boston University and my certification in Nutrition from The Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas, California. I have my own private practice and I provide services to clients in the greater San Diego area including Carlsbad, Encinitas, Cardiff, Solana Beach, Del Mar, La Jolla and beyond.
I have always had a passion for nutrition and food. I started shopping at Whole Foods when it was still called Mrs. Gooch’s in the 90s and also shopped my local co-op and farmers markets. During that time, I really started to investigate our different food choices and how our choices can really impact our health.

My philosophy is prevention and a healthy balance so that we never feel like we are without the foods that we love and learn to love new foods that will really nourish us and protect us from future disease. I understand that each of us have different needs so I really look at the individual and will create a plan that works best for you and your family. There are also budget friendly options so that you do not feel like you need to spend a fortune on keeping your family healthy.

I am beyond grateful to have been able to work with so many wonderful families, and I look forward to working with you!

With love,