Work with an Integrated Nutritionist

As your nutritionist, I can help you with your quest by guiding you and your family on the proper food choices and any needed life style changes so that you can live your life in optimal physical health and joy. Our food choices, affect not only our physical health but also our spiritual and emotional health.  It is important to nourish all aspects of ourselves, and a big part of that is through our food choices.

Nutritional Sit-Down

I work with a wide range of clients and offer solutions for my clients' individual needs. I guide you with a holistic and compassionate approach to help you reach your long-term health goals.

Wellness at Work

Bring in a healthy lunch for your employees and I will educate them on how to stay healthy during the cold season and how to eat right for energy and vitality throughout the year.

Farm to Fork

An education session on what foods we should have in our pantry and fridges. Create abundant health in your life and surround yourself with nourishing foods. Learn to shop smart for optimal health.

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